Get started with miniDBA Web Monitor

After installing miniDBA Web Monitor, either access the application from:
  • Windows Start menu:- miniDBA Software > Web Monitor
  • In your browser:- access http://localhost:8484/
    If your are not on the same compter as the webserver replace localhost with the webserver computer name

If Web Monitor cannot connect to miniDBA Server with the information provided when installed, Web Monitor will ask for connection details to the service:
Connect to SQL Server Instance wizard
Web Monitor will not function unless it is connected to miniDBA Server. The connection has to be to the Administrator role, not the Reader. Check the password and server name.

If it is the first time running and no SQL Servers are being monitored, you will be prompted to enter SQL Server instance details to connect to.
Connect to SQL Server Instance wizard
  • Server Name: If you are connecting to a named instance then include that here
  • Authentication: If your current Windows user security gives you enough permission on the SQL Server being connected to then leave authentication as windows. If you need to use SQL Server authentication including name and password then choose that here. Note: passwords are encrypted by miniDBA using built in Windows encryption functions to ensure no sensitive data is held unencrypted by miniDBA.
  • Click Connect
  • You will now be connected to the specified SQL Server instance, its server explorer visible in the left pane of miniDBA and its server level dashboard in the right.
  • SQL Server instance dashboard
    • You can continue to add SQL servers to your environments using the same process.
    • Use the Performance, Alerts and Settings tabs in the main pane to work with the current server.
    • Use the Enterprise menu item in the left hand menu to see an overview of all servers performance and alerts across your enterprise.

    Read about Web Monitor security here