The SQL Server Monitoring Tool

miniDBA provides the most cost effective way to monitor and tune SQL Server on premises or in the cloud (Azure VM, Linux, Amazon RDS or Google Cloud Platform)

Try the easy install and start making all your SQL Servers faster, straight away


Monitor SQL Servers 24*7 and be alerted by over 50 alerts when things start to go wrong. Set alert thresholds to only get alerted when you want to by email or Slack.


Improve query speed. Performance tune at the lowest database level with real time metrics and T-SQL analysis. Drill down to your slowest batch and then query plan operator using no code.


See instant performance gains using easy to implement recommendations. Run over 50 health checks targetting both server configuration and database/T-SQL level.


Developers and DBAs both work better with miniDBA

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miniDBA Desktop

Rich desktop application that is a 2 in 1 tool:
  • Connects directly to SQL Servers
  • Connects to miniDBA Server and acts as a client UI. See every SQL Instance being monitored (only miniDBA Server needs licening for these connections)
  • Interface full of helpful hints enable making sense of the 70+ metrics monitored
  • Free version reads all miniDBA Server data and have 1 direct SQL Server connection

miniDBA Server

Windows Service that monitors multiple SQL Servers with a web/mobile application to administer it
  • Most cost effective enterprise SQL Server monitor solution ever.
  • Sleep at night as the 40+ alerts will send emails when they cross your chosen thresholds, 24*7
  • Unlimited miniDBA Desktops plus web/mobile clients to display alert and high level performance data
  • Built for teams to share performance data workload and reports
"We use miniDBA Server to monitor our production servers and then use the desktop's ability to also connect directly to SQL server, for ad-hoc tuning of development databases.
- I haven't seen this kind of flexibility in a tool anywhere else." - John Lee
"I love the fact I can choose which databases to directly monitor with miniDBA Desktop without having to ask admins to do anything.
The ability to ad-hoc connect to anyones SQL Instance to trouble-fix for them in a couple of clicks really makes this cool." - Gavin McClure
"Only having to pay for licenses once, on our miniDBA Server and taking the cost and load off our desktop clients is great.
Plus I love also being able to remote log in and see what is happening on my iPad - this is a well designed product." - Alex Ramsgate
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The highest resolution on the market (2 seconds interval) live graphical dashboards of servers, databases, sessions, CPU, waits, Memory, storage, disk latency and much more.

Monitor & Alert

Set 38+ available alerts on key server counters so you know when to take action (Email, Slack or Windows event log).

Always On specific dashboards and alerts.

Performance Tune T-SQL

Quickly Performance Tune by identifying slow running queries, and have T-SQL performance checked to get the most out of the SQL Query Optimizer.
Harness SQL Server 2014SP2 & 2016SP1 Live Query Statistics to see the live execution plan of every request on the server, not just your own!

Health Checks

Assess the health of entire servers and databases using a single click. Be warned of configuration, design or performance problems; key information for performance tuning. View server level and database level health checks.

Performance History

Review what was happening on your servers over the last month. Zoom into points of interest and see what queries were running then and get their execution plans. Identify useage trends: storage, response time, memory use, deadlocks etc.

Index Maintenance

Analyze Index Fragmentation and defragment where necessary either in real time or with our automated Defragmentation Jobs.


Custom and pre-formatted Excel and PDF reports can be created and emailed from within the application: performance counters, waits & blocking statements are all available for performance analysis

24*7 SQL Server Monitoring

Self contained performance monitoring and data logging continue to raise alerts around the clock as a service

Compare your servers against global averages

It's great to know your metrics but what do they mean in the real world? Are your servers fast, slow or a bit weird? miniDBA MetricsHub lets you annonymously compare your servers against every other server that miniDBA has monitored.

Unlimited users from any device

miniDBA Web Monitor can be run by unlimited users for free on any browser or mobile device

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