SQL Server Activity - Live SQL Requests in miniDBA

The Activity viewer is available in both the server and database level "Activity" view that shows live/executing SQL requests. The screen is broken into 4 tabs: Requests \ Blocking \ Blocked \ Sessions SQL Server session activity


Requests are currently active SQL batches that are executing on the SQL Server.


Any sessions that are blocking other sessions/request. Only head blockers are listed here, which means only sessions that are blocking and not blocked by any other sessions.


Requests that are blocked by blocking sessions (listed in the blocking tab). "Blocked By Session" column is the session id of the session that is doing the blocking.


All sessions connected to the SQL Server. Memory use and cpu time taken is listed for the lifetime of the session which includes all requests that have already run plus any currently executing.

Session Details

After clicking on a session or request in any of the grids mentioned above the lower half of the screen displays session details. These details are refreshed whenever the above grid is clicked again or the "Refresh Session" button is clicked. SQL Server session detais
Next to that button is the "Kill Session" button which will end the session. Below the button the session details section is broken into tabs:


Requests show the currently executing T-SQL and sessions show either the currently executing or the most recently executed T-SQL. The session grid shows the last executed time of the T-SQL shown.


All locks currently used by the executing request are shown. The object they are taken out on and their mode are shown in the grid.


Wait types currently being waited on by the executing request. The top half of this section is a grid listing all the different wait types and the amount of time waited per wait type. The lower half is a description of each wait type. The description is shown when a wait type is clicked in the data grid. The left side of the description tells you about the wait type, the right side shows global wait data for that type. This is data collected anonamously from all miniDBA installations to compare against your server.

Estimated Plan

Estimated plans are not always found for the session in the plan cache but when they are the estimated plan view is populated with a list of statements and operators in a hierarchy, ordered by estimated cost: SQL Server execution plan operator list
Details of the execution plan view can be seen here

Live Statistics

Live statistics shows statements and operators in an actual execution plan get executed in real time. More details of this view can be found here

This functionality is available in the free single sql connection version of miniDBA Desktop and above.