SQL Server Health Checks List - miniDBA

The server health check screen runs performance and configuration diagnostic tests against the SQL Server and gives warnings & recommendations based on what it finds.
Results are either "Warning" - action should be taken to remedy the problem; "Info Only" - a definite course of action cannot be given but user experimentation should be performed or "Ok" - the test passed.
Clicking on a warning in the grid will display and related details in the textbox at the bottom of the screen. These may include information like table and files effected by the health check and amounts such as disk sizes of over thresholds.

Diagnostic healthcheck sql server application

The diagnostics include checks of disk, memory, security, agent jobs, query optimisations and other common performance pitfalls.

SQL Server Health Check List

  • Potential OS Memory Swapping
  • Resource Governor Enabled
  • xp_cmdshell enabled
  • Plan Guides In Use
  • Is a Cluster Node
  • Query hints - sort order
  • Query hints - join
  • Slow reads
  • Slow writes
  • Suspect Pages
  • Active Trace Flags
  • TempDb only has 1 data file
  • User tables in master database
  • Server level triggers
  • Startup procedures
  • System databases on C drive
  • No SQL Agent Operator Enabled
  • No SA owned jobs
  • Actionless sys alerts
  • Security Admins Enabled
  • User Endpoints Started

These health checks are at the server level - miniDBA also has comprehensive database health checks