SQL Server Database Performance View

Click the databases node to see the databases data grid. You can see storage and activity of every databases in the instance side by side. This gives a unique live view of all databases state and performance:

Side by side database comparison


  • Database: Db name.
  • State: Database state - anything other than ONLINE will need attention.
  • Sessions: Number of sessions that are currently in the database. This is a good indicator of how busy a database is.
  • Size Mb: Data storage size on disk.
  • Log Mb: Log storage size on disk.
  • Log Used %: How full the transaction log is.
  • Trans Sec: Transactions complete per second. A great indicator of how busy and how capable the database is in terms of processing data.
  • IO Ops Sec: Input/Output operation per second. How many reads and writes are occuring to disk. Constant high values may mean indexes need tuning and/or storage disk hardware may need upgrading or the database having not sharing a disk.
  • Index Ops Sec: Index operations per second.
  • Recovery Model: Are any databases in simple mode when they should really be in full mode? Quickly scan all your databases here.
If a database is either dropped or created, the change will not be reflected in the server explorer until you right click the databases node and choose refresh.