SQL Server Index Maintenance Dashboard - mini DBA

The index maintenance dashboard is the miniDBA tool for dealing with fragmentation.
It is accessible in the left pane of miniDBA Desktop as per the following screenshot:
sql server index dashboard shortcut
The Index Maintenance dashboard differes from the database level index dashboard (see index use and index fragmentation links under 'Database') as it gives you visibility into the index health of your entire SQL Server estate from one place. The database level index views give you more information about indexes than just fragmentation level and size but just for the database you are currently looking at. The Index Maintenance dashboard is specifically for analysing and defragmenting index fragmentation.
The dashboard is split into 2 sections:

Manual Defrag

This screen allows you to immediately analyze index fragmentation levels across all your SQL Servers and defragment (rebuild or re-organize) straight away.
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Scheduled Jobs

This screen allows you to setup automated jobs that analyze and defragment indexes if required.
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