SQL Server Error Log Monitoring - mini DBA

The error log is only viewable if the credentials used to connect to the instance are in the SysAdmin or SecurityAdmin roles or explicitly have exec granted on the xp_readerrorlog function.
E.g. "GRANT EXEC ON xp_readerrorlog TO your username"

The search box at the top of the screen can be used to search for specific text withing the error log.
SQL Server Error Log Reader
The screen shot above shows the latest archive selected with the 'Supress Dll Messages' option turned off, so dbghelp.dll information messages are being displayed. Select that option to hide them.

On servers earlier than 2012 SP1, entries in the sql server error log will occur every minute "Using dbghelp.dll version 4.0.5". This is a purely informational message of the lowest priority that is issued whenever SQL Server's extended events are queried.
miniDBA does this once per minute to check for deadlocks. The message can be safely ignored or eliminated when upgrading to 2012 SP1.

Turning the option to detect deadlock details off will get rid of these information messages but the history view will no longer contain the xml that represents deadlock details.
The deadlock graph will continue to display when deadlocks occur though (just the details are not gathered).
SQL Server Error Deadlock detail option