SQL Server DBAs Monitoring & Alerting Tool - miniDBA

Introduction to miniDBA

As a DBA for SQL Server or other DBMSs you need to know the status of your servers 24*7. The applications your database supports may well be business critical and if they break you don't want to be the reason why. With a monitoring solution you will be alerted long before things go wrong. This applies in the short term and long term - trend analysis let's you plan the future of your SQL Server estate.

Most professionals have their own monitoring SQL scripts but very few can say they monitor 100% of the necessary areas to guarantee no ugly surprises. Getting even close to 100% coverage takes a lot of development and testing time. Another tweak to a mission critical monitoring script requires testing and that is normally by the person that wrote it (bad practise). MiniDBA provides professionally tested, production reliable monitoring out of the box. Avoid costly man days/weeks of writing and testing monitoring scripts and have 100% monitoring coverage out of the box in a few clicks.

MiniDBA goes beyond T-SQL queries and uses WMI and direct OS counter connections to read about the performance of every executable on your SQL Servers and when it raises alerts, sends you emails and Slack messages. All data is stored in a self contained data store so you can come back and analyse point in time performance data for root cause analysis.

See below for details of how miniDBA provides comprehensive, reliable monitoring out of the box, saving you time and money as it is the most cost effective solution on the market.

Dependable 24*7 SQL Monitoring

  • miniDBA runs 24*7, raising 45+ customizable alerts
  • Integrate your existing scripts with Custom SQL Query alerts and healthchecks
  • Emails, Windows Event Log & Slack messages and miniDBA Desktop visual alerts all raised
  • Email recipients and email groups have their own availability windows to ensure people only get email alerts when appropriate
  • Dynamic enterprise dashboard (screenshot right) shows every important thing happening in all your SQL Servers
  • Team workflow - unlimited team members can clear and comment on alerts

High resolution monitoring

  • Real-time visualizations of key metrics updating as fast as every 2 seconds
  • Low monitoring overhead of approx 0.01% on each SQL Server
  • Quickly know what session & T-SQL statement it is causing problems
  • See detailed metrics on memory/CPU & disk consumption


  • miniDBA is the most competitively priced Enterprise SQL Server monitoring software on the market
  • Monitor from $99 per SQL Server
  • Save your company $1000s if replacing old monitoring software
  • Monitor more SQL Servers with a given budget

Performance History

  • Go back in time to see Server state when an alert was raised
  • See who was running what T-SQL at a given point in time
  • No setup & licensing a backend database required
  • Calendar view of SQL Agent Job & Step execution

Performance Tune T-SQL

  • You don't have to following the "Fattest Lines" in a query plan diagram to find offending operators any more - operators are sorted by cost into a grid
  • Identify worst performing queries & see the causes (CPU, IO, memory, locks)
  • Real-Time - index use and wait statistics are displayed up to every 2 seconds
  • Built in index defragmentation automated jobs can be setup in seconds

Health Checks

  • Run diagnostic checks of configuration, schema design and T-SQL:
  • Custom healthchecks let SQL Server DBAs roll your own
  • Optimal page verification, Unpartitioned Large Tables,Non Aligned Indexes...
  • ...plus many more

Index Fragmentation Dashboard

  • Gain visibility into the index health of your entire SQL Server estate
  • Automated jobs to analyze and defragment indexes if required
  • Jobs configurable to stop if they go for too long or consume too much resource
  • Fragmentation heat map to identify problem idexes quickly (screenshot right)

Mobile Monitoring

  • miniDBA Web Monitor is a website accessible like an app on any web browser or mobile device
  • It uses miniDBA Server as a data source and displays monitoring metrics and alerts while on the move
  • A central display of all alerts across all enterprise servers lets you see an instant snapshot of all issues in your enterprise
  • Web Monitor has no limits on the number of users that can connect to it - SQL Server DBAs, developers, BI professionals & devops personel can all see high level performance and alerts for 1 fixed price


  • Pre-canned plus custom reports can be created
  • Excel, PDF and CSV supported
  • Email reports out from in the application
  • Excel style interface let's you group, sort and format report data until you are ready to share it

Versions Supported

SQL Server 2005 -> 2017

Permission Requirements

High level permissions such as SA or DBO are not necessary - just public role or VIEW SERVER STATE