miniDBA Products

miniDBA Desktop

  • Rich Windows desktop application
  • Totally self contained monitoring and data logging.
  • Top level enterprise view down to lowest level index and t-sql metrics
  • Ideal for both DBAs and developers alike
  • Great for ad-hoc monitoring and performance tuning of SQL
  • Either connects directly to SQL Servers OR gets data from miniDBA Server
  • Free for 1 direct SQL Server connection or when getting data from miniDBA Server
  • Licenses from $99 USD when directing to multiple SQL Servers

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miniDBA Server

  • Provides the same data Desktop displays but 24*7 as a service
  • Raises configurable alerts around the clock.
  • Comes with Web Monitor - an IIS website that display high level performance and alerting data
  • Also comes with a copy of miniDBA Desktop Enterprise
  • Licensing for multiple SQL Servers can be done once - Desktop licenses don't need to be licensed for multiple SQL Servers if they connect to miniDBA Server

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Which do I need?

  • You require miniDBA Server if:
  • You require 24*7 monitoring
  • DBAs require mobile access
  • You require miniDBA Desktop if:
  • You have DBAs or developers performing performance tuning & deep level analysis
  • You want to see performance and query history of SQL Servers
  • You require BOTH if:
  • Some users will perform low level tuning, use performance history and some servers need 24*7 monitoring
  • Some DBAs require mobile access
  • Having lots of miniDBA Desktops normally benefits with license cost if miniDBA Server is used as well