miniDBA Server

Support multiple miniDBA Desktops with 24*7 monitoring

MiniDBA Server is a Windows Service that runs 24 hours a day monitoring your SQL and Azure servers and is used as a data source for miniDBA Desktop (which can either connect directly to database servers or to miniDBA Server).

MiniDBA Desktop stops monitoring when it is closed or you log out of windows but miniDBA Server keeps monitoring.

MiniDBA Desktop does not need to be licensed to use miniDBA Server as a data source so an unlimited numbers of desktops can use it for free.
Licensing is per SQL/Azure SQL DB server so for teams that have multiple miniDBA Desktop installations it is likely cheaper that licensing per miniDBA Desktop.


The user experience is identical while using miniDBA Deskstop either connected directly to SQL Servers or using miniDBA Server as a data source but the functionality has the following advantages:
  • Unlimited miniDBA Desktop clients at no extra cost
  • No extra query load on the SQL/Azure Server if multiple miniDBA Desktops are in use
  • 24*7 Monitoring to raise performance alerts around the clock
  • Will monitor up to 250 SQL/Azure DB Servers per miniDBA Server
  • Self contained data logging requires no backend database setup or licensing
  • Enables root cause analysis of server issues as any point in time can be chosen to view database performance at
  • Comes bundled with miniDBA Web Monitor (see below)

Unlimited Web & Mobile Clients

  • Mobile and web access is through miniDBA Web Monitor
  • miniDBA Server simultaneously serves miniDBA Desktop and Web Monitor
  • A IIS (version 8+) website that can be installed in a DMZ web server to enable internet access
  • Lighterweight than miniDBA Desktop so is free for unlimited web clients
Learn About Web Monitor

Windows Server 2008+ required for miniDBA Server
Windows Server 2012+ required for Web Monitor