miniDBA Web monitor

Monitor your crucial servers anywhere, anytime

  • Enable SQL Server Mobile Monitoring
  • Performance and alerts data at your fingertips
  • Any web connected mobile device or desktop web browser compatible
  • See current and historic alerts across all monitored servers
  • View database connections and the queries they are running
  • Live performance data for CPU, Memory, IO and wait statistics

Works on any web browser

  • Can be accessed by unlimited number of users
  • Secure IIS web site with Admin and Reader roles to allow appropriate access
  • Ideal for anyone that needs to check database availability/performance
  • DBAs can give self service database health monitoring to application developer/users at no extra cost

Free Add-on to miniDBA Server

  • Licensing is done per monitored server on miniDBA Server
  • miniDBA Server supports both miniDBA Desktop and Web Monitor
  • No need for any licensed miniDBA Desktops - all server administration can be done through Web Monitor
  • Pre-requisites are miniDBA Server and a web server (IIS)
  • IIS can be on a different server to miniDBA Server to enable client access through DMZ

Unlimited number of clients

Web Monitor has no limit on connected clients but is purely for SQL Server mobile monitoring unlike miniDBA Desktop which also gives:

  • Database level monitoring
  • Server and database healthchecks
  • Historical performance data analysis
  • Database objects status:- tables, indexes, partitions, files etc...

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miniDBA Server & Web Monitor
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