miniDBA Server

24*7 Monitoring

  • Raises configurable alerts around the clock, including custom alerts you write in T-SQL
  • Can be installed on any server - doesn't need to be installed on the same server as SQL Server
  • Self contained data logging requires no backend database setup
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Server 2003/2008/2012+
  • Great for constant monitoring & team development environments

Unlimited miniDBA Desktop clients

  • miniDBA Server supports an unlimited amount of miniDBA Desktops clients connecting to it
  • Monitored instances are only paid for once, on the server
  • miniDBA Desktops only need a single server license to see all the servers miniDBA Server is monitoring
  • miniDBA Server is sold with a copy of miniDBA Desktop Enterprise
  • Ideal for production and larger team environments.

Unlimited Web & Mobile Clients

  • Mobile and web access is through miniDBA Web Monitor
  • miniDBA Server simultaneously serves miniDBA Desktop and Web Monitor
  • A IIS (version 8+) website that can be installed in a DMZ web server to enable internet access
  • Lighterweight than miniDBA Desktop so is free for unlimited web clients
Learn About Web Monitor

Smart Historic Data Storage

  • Sampled data is stored in a configurable network folder
  • Oldest data will be deleted when the folder reaches a chosen size.
  • Never worry about logging data filling a drive.

Stored alert history

  • Unlike miniDBA desktop, the server stores all raised alerts
  • Allows users to go back in time to see what alerts have been raised
  • Enables detailed forensic investigation of server issues

Windows Server 2008+ required for miniDBA Server
Windows Server 2012+ required for Web Monitor