SQL Server DBAs monitoring & alerting Tool - miniDBA

miniDBA products give SQL Server DBAs enormous power to see the state of their enterprise efficiently and easily.

Dependable 24*7 SQL Monitoring

  • miniDBA runs 24*7, raising 30+ customizable alerts - see the full list
  • Integrate your existing scripts with Custom SQL Query alerts and healthchecks
  • Emails, Windows Event Log messages and miniDBA Desktop visual alerts can all be raised
  • Be alerted before things go wrong


  • miniDBA is the most competitively priced Enterprise SQL Server monitoring software on the market
  • Save money if replacing old monitoring software
  • Monitor more SQL Servers with a given budget

High resolution monitoring

  • Real-time visualizations of key metrics updating as fast as every 2 seconds
  • Low monitoring overhead of approx 0.01% on each SQL Server
  • Quickly know what session & T-SQL statement it is causing problems
  • See detailed metrics on memory/CPU & disk consumption

Performance History

  • Go back in time to see Server state when an alert was raised
  • See who was running what T-SQL at a given point in time
  • No setup & licensing a backend database required
  • Calendar view of SQL Agent Job & Step execution

Performance Tune T-SQL

  • Stop following the "Fattest Lines" in a query plan diagram - operators are sorted by cost into a grid
  • Identify worst performing queries & see the causes (CPU, IO, memory, locks)
  • Real-Time - index use and wait statistics are displayed up to every 2 seconds

Health Checks

  • Run diagnostic checks of configuration, schema design and T-SQL:
  • Custom healthchecks let SQL Server DBAs roll your own
  • Optimal page verification, Unpartitioned Large Tables,Non Aligned Indexes...
  • ...plus many more

Mobile Monitoring

  • miniDBA Web Monitor is a website accessible like an app on any web browser or mobile device
  • It uses miniDBA Server as a data source and displays monitoring metrics and alerts while on the move
  • A central display of all alerts across all enterprise servers lets you see an instant snapshot of all issues in your enterprise
  • Web Monitor has no limits on the number of users that can connect to it - SQL Server DBAs, developers, BI professionals & devops personel can all see high level performance and alerts for 1 fixed price


  • Pre-canned plus custom reports can be created
  • Excel, PDF and CSV supported
  • Email reports out from in the application

Versions Supported

SQL Server 2005 -> 2017

Permission Requirements

High level permissions such as SA or DBO are not necessary - just public role or VIEW SERVER STATE