miniDBA Desktop - Free Edition

Performance Monitoring & Tuning - For Free

  • miniDBA Desktop Developer Edition is totally FREE for 1 SQL Server connection
  • Over 70 metrics are displayed in realtime
  • After the 14 day trial expires miniDBA Desktop reverts to this free mode
  • Use the powerful real time feature set that no one else offers for free
  • Monitor, health-check, and performance tune a single SQL Server (Unlimited Databases)
  • If you need more SQL Servers or enterprise features (alerting, historic data, always on, SQL Agent) - you can upgrade at any time

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Free Features

Server Level Dashboards:

  • SQL Server Performance Overview
  • Database Comparison (Size, Resource use)
  • Live Sessions (All, Active, Blocking, Blocked)
  • T-SQL Queries (worst performing, execution plan analysis)
  • CPU (core/scheduler use by SQL Server and other processes)
  • Memory (Buffer, Workspace and Paging)
  • IO (File and Drive)
  • Wait Statistics (Live and Total use)
  • Deadlocks (Full Graphs)
  • Error Log (Search Functionality)
  • 21 Server Health-checks

Database Level Dashboards

  • Database Performance
  • Live Sessions (All, Active, Blocking, Blocked)
  • Locks
  • Tables (Size and partitions)
  • Indexes (Live and total index use, size, fragmentation)
  • Files
  • Memory (DB Buffer Use)
  • T-SQL Queries
  • Default Trace (Who last changed the schema/security)
  • Transaction Log
  • 34 Database Health-Checks