Sql Server Reporting with miniDBA

Integrated Excel Format Reporting

  • miniDBA Desktop has a reporting features that allows the creation of reports that can be easily shared
  • Custom reports can be created from taking data from some of the applications data grids and adding it to a report
  • Reports can be saved locally and opened within the application or Excel
  • Reports can be emailed directly from within the application

Performance Snapshot:

  • All current performance metrics
  • Includeds screenshots of server, memory and CPU dashboards
  • Summary of all databases on the server
  • Current Sessions, broken down by active, blocking and blocked

Slow T-SQL

  • The report takes it's data from the SQL screen of the application
  • Each report row represents a cached query plan
  • Fields included cover areas such as CPU, IO and memory useage
  • The reports is ordered by slowest query first giving you easy to understand at a glance view

Health Check

  • Server level health checks are provided in this report
  • Configuration, security and performance checks are detailed
  • Each check has a result of Ok, Info, Warning


  • Current active alerts
  • Uncleared alerts
  • Historic alerts

Agent Jobs

  • Job status
  • Step status
  • Message and time data