License Choice Helper

Desktop and/or Server?

  • If only ad-hoc monitoring is required then just miniDBA Desktop can be used to connect directly to SQL Servers
  • If 24*7 monitoring is required then a miniDBA Server is required
  • If Mobile device access is required then miniDBA Server is required
  • Extra Desktops can be purchased to read data from the miniDBA Server
  • miniDBA Desktop only requires a single license to access all sql servers miniDBA Server is monitoring

Desktop Licensing

  • miniDBA Desktop comes in 2 editions, developer and enterprise. To see the difference see the feature matrix
  • Once decided which edition you need you must decide how many concurrent servers you need to include in your license. See diagram on the right:
  • If only connecting to miniDBA Server: a single concurrent server license is required.
  • All servers miniDBA Server monitors can be seen by the Desktop.
  • If connecting directly to SQL Servers: as many concurrent servers that will be monitored need to be included in the Desktop license

Server Licensing

  • miniDBA Server licenses only differ on the amount of concurrent servers the server will monitor
  • Unlimited Web Monitor web clients can access miniDBA Server at no extra cost
  • Unlimited miniDBA Desktops can access miniDBA Server but Desktop licenses must be purchased for them