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miniDBA Desktop 2.12

Windows application that can either connect directly to SQL Server
for ad-hoc monitoring or to miniDBA Server for 24*7 enterprise monitoring

miniDBA Server 2.12

Optional service & Website that monitors SQL Server 24*7
Supports unlimited miniDBA Desktop & Web/Mobile clients


Version 2.12 - April 8th 2019

  • Pagerduty integration for raised alerts
  • Snooze alerts
  • Alerts settings presets selectable on new sql server connection
  • New setting for minimum seconds between alerts popups
  • New license menu group
  • UI updates to alert configuration
  • Less cpu consumed by graph updating
  • Reliably cancel index defrag jobs
  • Copy alert recipients
  • New enterprise tile style
  • Bug fix - Alert DB filter binding
  • Bug fix - CPU history graph gaps are zeroed for better UX
  • Bug fix - Primary replica identification
  • Bug fix - Alert threshold textbox validation
  • Bug fix - Index maintenance UI
  • UI improvements
  • Misc Bug fixes

Version 2.11 - January 9th 2019

  • Index maintenance screen
  • Defragmentation jobs
  • Email recipient groups
  • Email recipient availability windows
  • Better deadlock reporting on SQL Server 2016+
  • Better initial assesment of SQL Server permissions
  • Manual option for SQL activity refreshing
  • New Settings UI
  • Enterprise Dashboard Improvements
  • Execution plan automatically expands parent statements
  • Added "Give Feedback" option in help menu
  • Bug fix - High CPU usage on monitored SQL Servers after 7 days
  • Bug fix - Remove Internet Explorer enhanced security errors
  • Bug fix - Physical core and sockets count
  • Bug fix - Countries using commas as decimal seperators, log data db insert error
  • Bug fix - Desktop user feedback
  • UI improvements
  • Misc Bug fixes

Version 2.10 - September 27th 2018

  • Historic view of Disk IO Performance
  • % Disk Time Idle Metric Added
  • Optionally Save all data grid layouts
  • Added grid column filtering and ordering where appropriate
  • Windows Process view more reliable
  • Cpu Core usage metrics more reliable
  • Improved Permissions UI
  • Databases level sampling no longer time capped
  • Server activity grid no longer resets layout on refresh
  • Version upgrading UI improvements
  • Improved miniDBA Server licensing tool logging
  • Fixed - Deadlock report not completing
  • Fixed - miniDBA sessions not being ignored
  • Fixed - Missing session details
  • Fixed - Reports failing on named instances
  • UI improvements
  • Misc Bug fixes

Version 2.9 - June 28th 2018

  • Upgraded alert configuration options
  • Minor alerts now have their own email, slack and event log options
  • New ability to filter out certain databases for alerts
  • Copy database filter from other alert
  • Email alert content improved
  • Alert config options saving improved
  • Options window information text to help reduce desktop/server confusion
  • New execution plan logging option - query length threshold
  • Graphical query plan upgrade
  • Email config password requirement removed
  • Transaction log performance dashboard and log content split
  • Fixed - Occassional Email not sending
  • Fixed - Alert configuration not always saving

Version 2.8 - January 15th 2018

  • Query plans logged and available in performance history
  • Memory metrics available in performance history
  • History graphs now have right click menu at point in time to drill down to queries and waits
  • IO performance by drive/storage device
  • Graphical execution plans
  • Global wait statictics displayed from all miniDBA installations
  • Long running query alert now ignores queries containing configurable strings
  • Added export reports in PDF option
  • Upgraded data grid data exporting, filtering and sorting
  • Added new wait type description additions
  • Perfmon connectivity statuses shown on server dashboard
  • Fixed - deadlock graphs and execution plans > 4000 characters long not displaying
  • Fixed - new history data load not clearing old data
  • Fixed - server data not displayed straight away when switching servers
  • Fixed - query timeouts on servers with > 500 databases
  • Fixed - UI bugs when connecting to a slow server
  • Fixed - buffer IO metrics not being read properly from perfmon
  • Fixed - data source dialog could sometimes not be closed
  • Fixed - cpu ms metric always shown as 0 on sql servers with huge uptime
  • Fixed - reports screen not closing historic data screen
  • Fixed - tempdb log usage not being reported properly
  • Fixed - graph x and y axis label spacing
  • Fixed - missing historic wait stats
  • Fixed - missing historic index activity
  • Fixed - db storage query tuned for large servers

Version 2.7 - August 1st 2017

  • Server to Desktop connectivity enhanced
  • Wait type description additions
  • Metrics hub integration
  • Enhanced logging
  • Custom alert UI upgrade
  • Fragmentation query enhancements
  • More detailed database permissions
  • Live session query enhancements
  • Report formatting
  • miniDBA Server logs in UI
  • Required database permissions added to docs
  • License validation service uses web proxy if required
  • Bugfix - Live file IO always visible
  • Bugfix - Waits screen user feedback
  • Bugfix - Server processes UI upgrade
  • Bugfix - Historic data graph click
  • Bugfix - Missing deadlocks

Version 2.6 - December 12th 2016

  • SQL 2016 Live Query Plan Statistics
  • Send Alerts to Slack
  • Performance Baselines
  • Rolling Hourly Average Metrics
  • Graph Context Menus
  • Maintenance Windows (Set Times Alerts Don't Get Raised)
  • Alerts Priority Filter
  • Alerts UI Upgrade
  • Splash Screen
  • Bugfix - Enterprise History Filter
  • Bugfix - Blank Alert Descriptions
  • Bugfix - Cancelling Test Email
  • Bugfix - Default Trace Schema Data Doubling
  • Bugfix - Un-Closable Empty Tip Box
  • Broadcast Data Size Reduced 80%
  • Web Monitor UI Theme Update
  • Query Load Reduced When There are No Clients
  • Bugfix - License validation
  • Bugfix - Web Monitor Alert Config Tab Reset
  • Bugfix - Web Monitor IO and Drive Space
  • Bugfix - Web Monitor Null Session List
  • Bugfix - Long Running Alert
  • Bugfix - Disk Space Alert

Version 2.5.5 - October 18th 2016

  • SQL Server dashboard graphs now have context menus
  • File IO data grid now shows updating live data
  • New File IO stalls graph
  • New File IO operations graph
  • Connections replaced with sessions and requests
  • SQL 2016 waits per session view
  • Live session estimated plan
  • Execution plan view layout improved
  • Re-enable checking for product update
  • Direct or miniDBA Server connection selection, moved to combo box
  • Waits screen - pie charts
  • New help dialog shown when connecting to an empty minidba server
  • Default trace node renamed to change history
  • Parallel sessions no longer suddenly fill live sessions grid
  • Enterprise view tiles sized for Network Operation Centers
  • Reports miniDBA Server memory usage
  • Email test UI updates
  • History load time performance increased
  • Bugfix - Top T-SQL UI issues
  • Bugfix - default trace schema grid doubling data
  • Bugfix - current alerts tab header not empty on startup
  • Bugfix - open execution plan in external tool
  • Bugfix - Window always comes to front on startup
  • Bugfix - Tips popup UI
  • Error handling improvement - service host re-starts itself if necessary
  • License validation bugfix
  • Bugfix - healthchecks run on minidba server now show full description
  • Sending email no longer blocks monitoring if it takes a long time
  • Log write time alert changed to be per file
  • New Alert - Log Write Time
  • New Alert - Data File Write Time
  • New Alert - Average Log Write Time
  • New Alert - Average Data File Write Time
  • New Alert - Insufficient System Memory
  • Memory alerts now include current Session usage when triggered
  • Upgraded to .Net 4.6
  • Bugfix - long running alert
  • Bugfix - blocking spid alert

Version 2.5 - April 28th 2016

  • Custom T-SQL healthchecks
  • Healthchecks have description and links to articles
  • Kill button for sessions
  • Always On properties on server dashboard
  • Always On enabled but errored alert
  • Option to not display system/miniDBA sessions
  • Deadlocks screen updated to have realtime graph
  • Historic waits has ordered grid of waits per minute
  • Historic waits have descriptions
  • Historic waits and active statements have accurate chart position clicking
  • Only drives used by SQL Server are monitored
  • More efficient CPU usage
  • Charts have more detailed tooltips
  • Max log flush KB - new chart line series
  • Bugfix - sessions have last batch column populated
Web Monitor
  • Can now be installed on seperate server to miniDBA Server
  • Improved logging
  • New connection bugfix
  • Log manager deletes files older than 30 days
  • Server license tool; license assembly major version error fixed
  • Multiple UI bugfixes

Version 2.4 - February 19th 2016

  • New Reports screen with 5 pre-canned reports
  • Select data grids can add their data to a report
  • Send reports by email from within the application
  • SQL Agent screen with calendar view of job/step executions
  • Index heatmap graphics updated
  • SQL Memory dashboard improvements
  • Added last hour AVG to Page Life Expectancy chart
  • Server chart titles have tooltips with chart data descriptions
Web Monitor
  • New live session monitoring by session status
  • SQL Server properties tab
  • Required SQL Permissions for monitoring tab
  • Chart titles have tooltips with chart data descriptions
  • Backend logging for enhanced diagnostics
  • Fix: mismatching web monitor and server passwords reports the issue gracefully
  • Data grid column sorting and scrolling
  • Free disk alert only monitors drives used by sql server
  • File auto growth alert now has ms threshold
  • Fix: Deadlocks alert triggers multiple times on application start
  • Blocking session alert now has all spid details
  • Alerts configuration can be copied between servers to save time
  • Multiple UI bugfixes

Version 2.3 - November 24th 2015

  • Historic data load times much reduced
  • Time drop down on SQL server dashboard - Live/Hour/12 Hours/24 Hours etc
  • Clear ALL alerts button
  • Permissions screen to enable easier monitoring setup
Web Monitor
  • Size of streaming data from server to client reduced
  • IIS memory consumption reduced hugely
  • IE login modal problem fixed
  • Sampling time reduced
  • New alert: File auto-growth
  • New alert: Failed login
  • New alert: Error log high severity
  • New alert: Error log medium severity
  • New alert: Sort warnings
  • New alert: Database Mirroring State Change

Version 2.2 - October 16th 2015

  • Graph click through to appropriate dashboard
  • Email sender address added as an option
  • Alert workflow - comment and clear
  • Historic alert filter
  • Historic alert occurances
  • View performance data for alerts - red line on graphs
  • Instances summary extra columns
  • Tree shortcut to history with autoload of current day
  • History view of active sessions with their T-SQL
  • History graph zoom aligned
  • History view memory consumption reduced
Web Monitor
  • Size of streaming data from server to client reduced
  • IIS memory consumption reduced hugely
  • IE login modal problem fixed
  • New alert: file stall ms
  • New alert: log wait time
  • New alert: db log % full
  • Loading historic data time reduced by 500%

Version 2.1 - May 11th 2015

  • Memory pressure property
  • Custom SQL alert configuration
  • Extra history graphs
  • Link to setup email from alerts page
  • Can filters dbs out of tree and summary pane
  • CPU scheduler history graphs
  • Memory Dashboard redesign and new metrics
  • IO dashboard reliablity bug fixes
  • TempDB log always visible on server dashboard
  • Enterprise node now has number of active alerts
  • DB summary screen has trans sec column
  • Server connectivity more reliable - UI components now always correct
  • client server conn dialog error better displayed
  • faster parallel loading of logs
  • t-sql colour highlighting
  • Web Monitor introduced
  • Service starts with better default windows logon
  • License tool for server
  • Provides historic data - not just realtime
  • New alert: memory pressure
  • Loading historic data time reduced by 500%
  • log extra counters
  • much more efficient waits and full text requests
  • Logs total max size now actually deletes oldest file if necessary
  • Recording of deadlocks

Version 2.0 - July 17th 2014

  • Log data folder added to options
  • Azure UI tweeks for indexes
  • history deadlock graph
  • history blocking graph
  • azure export excel
  • Bugfix: CPU node doesnt come back online after a stop command
  • SSAS stop/start with no mem leak or peaks
  • Admin/ reader roles enabled to help with long runners,index frag, errorlog
  • fixed ui performance when databases expanded
  • Reader role cant update interval secs from dropdown
  • Index meta data now provided
  • Reflect light query mode through service to ui
  • CPU and windows process data provided
  • Drive IO data provided
  • All sampling goes to background mode (60 second interval) when no clients are connected

Version 1.6.1 - May 27th 2014

  • SQL export to excel
  • SSAS export to excel
  • Email test button in options
  • Healthcheck button functionality
  • Modern UI overhaul
  • Tips window
  • Vertipaq history graph UI fixes
  • History date format now in user locale
  • Alert settings writing to db accurately
  • Option to turn off deadlock detail sampling - reduces error log entries
  • History cpu 4 hours out of sync bug fixed
  • Alert: sql free disk - drive name in reason
  • Alert: CPU needs threshold
  • Alert: logical drive space
  • SSAS metric logging
  • Store sql server logins
  • Authenticates admin/reader
  • SQL history from service